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Boilers are actually one of the oldest styles of heating systems in the HVAC industry. However, in modern times, boiler systems have grown to be even more advanced and energy efficient than ever before. With a modern boiler system in your residence, you can expect superior comfort either through utilizing radiators or radiant floor heating. You can also invest in combi boilers which not only supply heating to your residence but also supply hot water as well! Can you imagine the benefit of not having to worry about investing in costly water heating systems? With combi boilers, you get the ultimate energy-efficient heating and hot water supply for your residence.

Boiler Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

There are different types of boilers including steam and hot water systems. Steam systems use a lot of energy to create the steam, however, the steam naturally rises to the radiators so there’s no need to use pumps to push the water through a loop system. Hot water boilers are more common these days and the pumps must work to circulate the hot water through a loop system for heating throughout your building. These systems are highly efficient and the heating is very comfortable.

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If you are in Brunswick, Yarmouth, Bowdoin, Woolwich, Phippsburgh, Wiscasset, and Harpswell, ME and considering investing in a new boiler or you need maintenance, call or text Excel Mechanical and Construction today at 207-391-7396! Our licensed and insured professionals know all the ins and outs of boiler systems. We can maintain and repair any make and model boiler system. We also will help you determine the best new boiler system for your comfort needs and budget!

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