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When considering an HVAC system that will provide efficient comfort for your household, a heat pump is always a great option. There are different types of heat pumps including ground-source, water-source, and air-source. The basic function of a heat pump is to pull thermal energy from a source and move the thermal energy into the desired spaces of your home. You can also put the heat pump in reverse operation allowing for cooling within your home. You can have zoned systems for customized comfort in different locations, or you can just have a central heating and cooling system set up with ductwork.

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Ground-source heat pumps pull the thermal energy from the stable underground temperatures with a system of loops installed in the ground. These systems provide some of the greatest energy efficiency and comfort year-round in even some of the most brutal climates. Water-source heat pumps pull thermal energy from a good water source such as a lake or an ocean. The loop system will be hooked up to the water source and provide ideal heating or cooling to your indoor spaces. The air-source heat pump will be installed outside of your home and will pull thermal energy from the air. These systems are also rather advanced in the modern age and can provide heating for your home down to negative 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Excel Mechanical and Construction specializes in heat pumps and can answer any questions you may have. If you’re in Brunswick, Yarmouth, Bowdoin, Woolwich, Phippsburgh, Wiscasset, and Harpswell, ME, give us a call or text today at 207-391-7396 for a free quote!

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